The New Basics

Many of the most pressing issues facing health plans today are not necessarily new. Rather, they are enduring challenges such as increasing medical costs, evolving regulations and the need for quality. What has changed is the environment in which these challenges exist. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), uncertain economic conditions, and changing consumer expectations have literally redefined the very basics needed for success. Redefining the basics requires new competencies. Download this new ebook to learn more about these new competencies for success. Click on the links below to navigate directly to any of the 4-articles within the ebook.

Go to this article: Value-driven Population Health Strategies: Designing Models for
Different Populations

Go to this article: Serving One Member at a Time - Delivering Quality Person-Centered
Care and Services to the Highest Risk Dual Eligibles

Go to this article: Simplicity, Accuracy and Cost Savings: an Operations Strategy
for Growth

Go to this article: Redefining the Four Ps - How Consumerism is Re-shaping
the Fundamentals for Health Plans in a Post-ACA World

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